Pep Rally

 Pep Rally
Team 71
Team 72
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Team 84 


 January 17, 2020

Spirit Stick Winner

Pep Rally
Pep Rally
 Hosted by: Team 84
March 13, 2020
THEME: a Hawai’ian 


All students, faculty, and staff are invited to dress for the islands (Hawaiian shirts, neon colors, sunglasses, shorts (appropriate length), etc. (no swim suits, or other apparel that violates the STPA dress code).

Games (choose different students for each event): 

Game 1: Zulu Toss (7 students, 1 teacher per team)
Procedure: laminated papers are placed in the shape of a circle 6’ from a center point, with the number 1 directly across from the number 2, 3 from 4, 5 from 6, and 7 from 8.  Teacher stands in position 1 and begins the game by tossing a tennis ball at the student standing on place 2, who tosses the ball to place 3, and so on until the ball is tossed from place 8 back to the teacher in place 1.  Every time the ball reaches the teacher, a second ball is added to be tossed from place to place.  Finally, a third ball is added.  The game is over when the team is able to toss all three balls successfully from the teacher through all 8 places without the ball dropping (or the team getting the closest when time expires).  If a ball is dropped, the team must start over with the first ball, then the second, and so forth.

Game 2: Pudding Race (2 students per team)
Procedure: partners lay on their backs on the gym floor with their heads touching each other so their bodies form a straight line with their heads in the center.  Each partner is given an open container of jello and spoon which they use to “feed” their partner by passing the spoon over their head and into the mouth of the partner.  The partners who finish feeding each other with the most pudding consumed and the least amount of mess when time is called are the winners.  Teams are disqualified if, at any time, they consume their own container of jello, or if their heads come up off the floor.

Game 3: Pineapple Ring Toss Relay (4 students per team)
Procedure: four pineapples are placed on the gym floor 6’ from a taped throwing line behind which the four members of each relay team are positioned.  Team member 1 tosses the three rings until one lands around the pineapple, then gives remaining rings to team member 2, and stands behind the pineapple.  Team member 2 repeats this process, and so on.  The team able to get one ring from each team member around the pineapple, and have their four team members on the opposite side of the pineapple wins.  ONLY THE TEAM MEMBER WHOSE TURN IT IS TO TOSS THE RINGS IS ALLOWED TO RETRIEVE THEM IF HE/SHE MISSES.