Pep Rally

 Pep Rally
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January 11, 2019

Spirit Stick Winner

Pep Rally
Pep Rally
 Hosted by: Team 84
March 29, 2019 


Q3 9-Weeks Academic Pep-Rally is scheduled for Friday March 29th from 3:00 to 4:00, in the wellness center, with the theme “Rock your Future.”  There will be chanting and competitive games between teams. Parents are welcome to join in the fun in celebrating the coming of Spring Break and the end of the 9-week grading period.  Team 84 has designated March 25th-29th as Spirit Week with assigned Special Days in preparation for the pep-rally


  • Monday: You’ve got a BRIGHT future! Wear Bright/Neon Colors & Sunglasses
  • Tuesday: You’re the Real STAAR: Wear your red STPA STAAR Royale T-Shirt (Subject to Change)
  • Wednesday: College Roommates: Dress up as twins/ Dress up in common theme with a group of friends.
  • Thursday: College Gear Day: Wear your favorite College Shirt
  • Friday: Team Color Day: Wear your Team’s Assigned Color:
    • 71: Orange
    • 72: Green
    • 83: Grey
    • 84: Navy

Get in the Game! Basketball Player Relay: 4 students per team. The first student on each team will swiftly put on a basketball uniform then dribble down court to score a layup. Students must make a layup (rebound own shot), race back, and take off uniform for the next student to put on and repeat until entire team is done. Oversized uniforms might cause a bit of trouble!


Take the Plunge! Plunger Relay Race: 4 students will race. The first student on each team will propel themselves on scooters with plungers. Students can choose to sit on scooter or lay on them but must propel themselves with the plungers. Students will race down court and go around an assigned cone and race back to their team until their entire team is done completing the task.


Team Cheer Contest (If time permits): Each academic team will be led in cheer by special guests. Teams will be judged on participation.